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            About Us

            Active Lifestyle Group

            As our name implies, Active Lifestyle's mission is to provide, enhance and encourage people of all ages to be physically active and fit throughout life. Established since 1995 in Singapore, we specialize in the supply of fitness & gym equipment. With related services such as after-sales maintenance and education, we endeavour to fulfil customer’s real needs to keep wellness facilities at optimum levels.

            Active Lifestyle (China)

            2001, Active Lifestyle (China) was found in Beijing.


            As one of the fastest developing countries, China has been the center of fitness industry.


            We now have branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Haikou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and dozes of more cities.


            We are the distributor of  LIFE FITNESS, STAR TRAC, NAUTILUS, STAIR MASTER, SCHWINN, WOODWAY, TRX, PSYCLING, UGI, BOSU、SURGE、KAMAGON、DISQ and more first - class equipment and training classes. 

            • Beijing
            • Shanghai
            • Guangzhou
            • Shenyang

            Hangzhou Nanjing Wuhan Haikou Chengdu Shenzhen

            • 北京公司成立,成為Star Trac中國區獨家代理商
            • 上海公司成立
            • 廣州公司成立
              成為Star Trac星馳全球最大代理商
            • 全國高端健身器材最大代理商
            • 正式成為Woodway中國區獨家代理商
            • 正式成為TRX、Life Fitness中國區代理商
            • 成立奧力來運動健身學院
            • We are the biggest distributor of Star Trac and Life Fitness in the world.